Your Genes Determine 60% of Your Skincare Success

A good skincare product matches your genetic profile. The best one would have known and helped prevent skin issues you are genetically prone to.


For those that do not consider your genes, there should be no place for them in your purse.

Am I prone to wrinkles or sagging skin? Is collagen or anti-oxidant face serum more important to me?


The answers all lie within your genes.

Care for Yourself

Take care of yourself the way you deserve by knowing who you are and what your skin needs

Now You Know, You

Find out the reason why certain skin issues always bother you and how you can better tackle them

Easy Skincare Routine

You shouldn't be overwhelmed by complicated skincare routine. From now on, expect a simple one that is both personalized and effective  

What you get

Insights into which is your highest priority among Aging, Skin Elasticity, UV Damage and Appearance  

Answers to your concern on aging and what you can do to help

Detailed skincare and food recommendations, tailor-made to your skin profile