x2 DNA Test Beginner Pack

x2 DNA Test Beginner Pack

For those of you who are trying out DNA tests for the first time. 


Wanted to get a glimpse of what a DNA test can offer before purchasing the full report? The Beginner Pack is serving exactly such purpose. 


The Beginner Pack offers the "mini" version of the full reports. The "mini" will give you 5 traits per category (choose among weight-loss, nutrition, fitness and skincare) and you can choose 2 categories. So in total you are getting 10 traits analyzed in this Beginner Pack.


The Beginner Pack offers great value for those who are seeking all-rounded insights into your body at a discounted price.

A saliva kit will be shipped to your address. Simply collect your saliva in the kit, then mail it back in the pre-paid package.


Results are ready in 3-4 weeks. The report will be sent to your registered email.