Targeted Nutritional Blends

Targeted Nutritional Blends

Our semi-customized supplement is a high-quality nutritional supplement but with a lower price tag.


Each bottle is designed to target a specific health goal and already mixes dozens of vitamin and minerals in the same bottle. ​Absoprtion rate is 7-10 times higher than other supplements. All in all, our supplement is much more effective compared with typical supplements you have taken.


We currently offer the following blends

  • Women Preventive Health

  • Healthy Skin
  • Skin Protection & Brightening
  • Antioxidants & Immune Health
  • Healthy Child Development


Each bottle serves 1 month. We recommend 2-3 months of continuous consumption to see noticeable differences to your body.

Exceptional Quality

  • All our nutritional supplements are manufactured in Germany, at a pharmaceutical-GMP facility meeting the highest quality and purity standard.

Highest Body Absorption

  • The supplement is in the form of MicroTab. The MicroTab 2mmx2mm patented design ensures much higher body absorption than traditional capsules, gels or tablets.

Suitable for Children and The Elderly

  • An additional advantage of MicroTab is that its 2mmx2mm small size makes it easy to swallow and suitable for even the children and the elderly.