Gene-Personalized Nutritional Supplement

Gene-Personalized Nutritional Supplement

Our semi-customized supplement is the best nutritional supplement for your body. Each bottle is tailor-made to your genetic profile and best responds to your body.


The content of each bottle is uniquely formulated according to your body needs. Even the quantity of each ingredient is carefully adjusted depending on whether you are mildly or severely deficient on a particular nutrient. Usually 7-10 vitamins and minerals are blended in the same bottle.


Each bottle serves 1 month. Noticeable benefits and results usually show after a continuous intake of 2-3 months.

Exceptional Quality

  • All our nutritional supplements are manufactured in Germany, at a pharmaceutical-GMP facility meeting the highest quality and purity standard.

Highest Body Absorption

  • The supplement is in the form of MicroTab. The MicroTab 2mmx2mm patented design ensures much higher body absorption than traditional capsules, gels or tablets.

Suitable for Children and The Elderly

  • An additional advantage of MicroTab is that its 2mmx2mm small size makes it easy to swallow and suitable for even the children and the elderly.