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The Power of DNA

Our genes play a determining role in virtually all aspects of our lives.

Genetic tests give you valuable insights about who you are and how you can live a better life.


years of breakthroughs 
in genetics research


Nobel prizes awarded on
genetics research


healthy individuals in the US
purchased a DNA test

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Trusted by Your Doctors

All our genetic tests are scientifically proven, widely recognized and used by the medical community

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Most Accurate and Qualified

Your results are analyzed by top DNA labs that meet the highest US standard - quality guaranteed

Beyond Just Test Results...

You'll see and feel the benefits and impact every day when you act on the test results. So how can we turn genetic findings into products that match your genes?

Gene-personalized - products that are customized and therefore best respond to your genes.


Our genes make all our nutritional needs slightly different from each other.

Our nutritional supplement is therefore formulated completely according to your unique genetic profile, which delivers far more effective results.

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