Your Genes, Your Say!

Don't be surprised. There's something you can do with your genes!

Genetics is responsible for 30% of our health. If we learn about our genes, we can optimize our choices and lifestyles, influencing the other 40%.

Simply put, genetics determine 70% of your health outcomes.

So why are you only told you can't change your genes? Genes can't be changed, but you can change your behavior.

Let's see you are allergic to milk, what would you do? Well you seek other high calcium, high protein foods such as soy milk. That's a simply example of how useful it is to learn about how your genes "behave". You can be best friend with your genes, or the worst enemy.

And the idea extends to everything about nutrition, skincare and fitness.

What vitamins are your genetically prone to be deficient on? If I know I'm Vitamin B deficient, simply enough I'll take my B supplement to ensure sufficient intake.

What if I want to lose weight? Instead of blindly following the norms about low-fat, low-protein, vegan, keto, and many more, what I actually need to know is not what works on other people's body, but my own. If I know genetically my body is more sensitive to carbs and have a greater response to low-carb diet, then low-carb is my best weight-loss diet.

How about my skincare priority? What if I know I'm more likely to develop early wrinkles? I'll ensure part of my skincare routine is dedicated to specifically that with an anti-aging eye cream.

Genetics is not a fixed destiny. The better you understand your genes, the smarter choices you can make to improve your health and wellness.

Besides, genetic test is taken only once in your entire life - the earlier you do it, the longer you get to benefit from it. To see a full list of genetic tests available, visit

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