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Personalized Nutrition

Latest genetics research has confirmed that each of us has a different nutrition need due to our genetic differences.

Personalized nutritional supplement therefore produces far more effective and consistent results on our health than traditional one-size-fits-all supplements.

Why Personalized Supplement?

Do you buy shoes of just any size or one that finds your size?

So why wouldn't you care for your health the same way? 
Your health is a direct result of whether you consume an adequate and balanced nutritional intake.

Personalized supplement is significantly more effective because it is tailor-made for your unique body profile.


Tailor-Made for You, Cutting Edge Science

Your deficiencies profile is carefully studied to determine what content and quantity are included in your bottle. For example, depending on whether you are mildly or severely deficient on a particular nutrient, we adjust its quantity accordingly.

Convenient, Easy to Swallow and for All Ages

Only 2mm x 2mm small, our MicroTabs are superior to traditional pills and capsules. Even kids and the elderly would find them so easy to swallow.

We also pack all the vitamins and minerals you need into a small bottle, so convenient that it easily fits into your purse..


Pharmaceutical-Grade, High Purity and Effective Absorption

All our supplements are pharmaceutical-grade and made in Germany.


Pharma-grade supplement is much better "value for money" because it ensures effective absorption by the body and meets a very strict purity and quality standard. For instance, our patented vitamins and minerals blends achieve a 5-7 times higher absorption than most other supplement products.

Haven't done a genetic test yet

but still want high quality supplement?

Our semi-customized supplement is what you need. It is pre-blended to help you meet a specific health goal.

Semi-customized supplement is more effective than general supplement because it is targeted and contains multiple vitamins and minerals in the same bottle.


Why Not Food?

Nutritional supplements are never to replace food. A healthy diet is always important. But relying only on food to absorb all the nutrients we need does leave certain gaps, which is where supplement fits in and fills the gap. So where might food fall short?

  • Some of us are born with genes that are poor in absorbing nutrients

  • Keeping a balanced and consistent diet is often challenging for most of us

  • Certain nutrients in food are naturally difficult to be absorbed

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