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The Most Qualified DNA Labs

We shortlist and partner with the best and most credible DNA labs. And you get to choose which DNA lab to run your DNA test. 

Learn more about our DNA labs below. Choose the one you like the most.

All our labs meet the highest US and global standard.

CLIA and CAP Double-Certified.


US-based DNA lab


Genetic Direction is best known for its nutrition and weight-loss DNA tests. Its strong reputation in the field is highlighted by its exclusive partnership with the 2 largest weight-loss companies in the US, Nutrisystem (listed on NASDAQ) and Jenny Craig. The DNA tests are used to scientifically analyze the unique body profile of each customer and the insights are then used in creating a tailor-made weight-loss program.

Best suited if you are looking for:

  • Nutrition, Weight-Loss, US Lab

US-based DNA lab

Pathway Genomics Logo Editted.png
Pathway Genomics Logo Editted.png
Pathway Genomics Logo Editted.png

Pathway Genomics is one of the earliest DNA test company and best known for its strong research capability. Its scientific team is led by renowned experts that come from various fields, which include nutrition, dermatology and critical illnesses. Pathway has also partnered with IBM, enabling the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to generate personalized health and wellness advice.

Best suited if you are looking for:

  • Deep Research, Latest Technology, US Lab

Singapore-based DNA lab

Imagene Labs Logo.png

Imagene Labs is a leader in Asia and best known for its beauty and wellness genetic tests. It also offers personalized products, for example face serum, that are formulated based on the DNA analysis results. Such gene-personalized products best meet the unique body needs of each person and can achieve far more effective and consistent results for genetic test customers.

Best suited if you are looking for:

  • Comprehensive Report, Skincare, Nutrition

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