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Why Taking Genetic Tests?

Is genetic test meaningful? What can I do after the test?

It is a common misconception that nothing can be done to our genetics. While our genetics does not change, we can take actions that optimize our lifestyle based on our knowlege of genes. For example, you can adjust your diet or skincare routine simply by knowing what your body type is. Essentially, even if you cannot change the cards you were "dealt", you do get to "play the best hand" out of your cards. If you do not have such knowledge of your genetics, you will just follow "popular advice" that may work very well for someone else's genes and body type, but not yours.

Is your genetic test scientifially accurate?

Our tests are analyzed at the highest-accredited DNA labs worldwide (CLIA and CAP accreditations). The accreditations represent a high quality control in laboratory practices, qualifications of laboratory personnel and analysis accuracy. On top of that, our tests and DNA labs are developed by renowned researchers and professors from top medical schools such as Harvard, UCLA and Johns Hopkins.

Should I worry about the quality and accuracy of different genetic tests?

You only need to do genetic test once in your life. It's a lifetime investment and therefore you should invest on a test that is accurate and credible. An inaccurate test is beyond just a waste of money. Worse than that, it offers ill-informed advice that takes you down the wrong path. Imagine if you have a high risk on certain traits, but the report says the opposite and you never take action until it is too late in your life. A high quality test uses more advanced technology and relies on credible researches. The analysis costs more but is also more accurate. Since genetic test is a lifetime investment, when you split the cost over your life, the price difference is often only a few extra cents per day.

How does genetic test work?

  1. We will mail you a saliva collection kit
  2. Simply spit into the kit
  3. Mail the saliva kit back to our lab with our pre-paid package
  4. Results will be out in 3-4 weeks and sent to your email in the format of a digital report
DNA can be extracted from your saliva. Saliva DNA test is as accurate as blood DNA test.

At what age is the best time to take genetic test?

Since the results from your genetic test benefit you your whole lifetime, the earlier you do it, the more you get to benefit from such insights. Our genetics do not change as we grow. Hence, if you'd like to offer the tests to your kids, it equips them with useful insights about their health early on, which yields even greater returns.

What is the unique benefit of genetic test compared to other health tests?

It gives us the power of taking preventive actions tailored to our body. Most tests detect a health issue only after it happens. It is reactive, effectiveness is low and it is often more costly to treat than to prevent (think cancer treatment). In contrast, genetic test allows us to be proactive. By knowing what health issues our body is most prone to, we can take preventive actions such as making dietary and lifestyle changes.