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Your A-Game

Hit a ceiling with your growth? Look within your genetics to find out how you can break through and unleash your full potential.

Looking to lose weight, build muscles or improve your performance?

Genes have a role to play in your athletic performance or your weight management success. Take advantage of it and you can optimize your training accordingly to seek a better result.

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Unleash Your Full Potential

Optimise your training plan based on your gene types. Do you know your genes influence the efforts and time before you see gains in endurance and power sports? 

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Effective and Healthy Weight-Loss

A diet that works for every one else may not work for you. Find out which diet works best for your body type.

What you get

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Your potential in endurance and power sports as well as muscle recovery and injury risk

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Insights into how intense your training program has to be in order to achieve your ideal weight

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Specific exercise and dietary recommendations tailor-made to your body types

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