Haven't done a genetic test yet

but still look for high quality supplement?

Our semi-customized supplement is what you need. It is pre-blended to help you meet a specific health goal.

Semi-customized supplement is more effective than general supplement because it is targeted and contains multiple vitamins and minerals in the same bottle.

Healthy Child Development


Key Ingredients: Multivitamins, Calcium, Magnesium

Women Preventive Health

Key Ingredients: Multivitamins, CranMax, D-Mannose, etc. for Urinary Tract Health

Skin Protection and Whitening

  • Key Ingredients: Multivitamins, Phytofluene Extract, Polypodium Extract, S-Acetyl
    Glutathione, etc. for UV Protection and Whitening

Antioxidants and Immune Health

  • Key Ingredients: Antioxidants Blend, Multivitamins, MSM, etc