What kind of story do you want to write?

I'm a Mom.
And this is my story...
- Jessica Yeung
I am fit, I eat healthy,
but I just learned that it is not the same as eating "nutritiously"
- Jessica Yeung

Our Labs. CLIA and CAP Certified.

Your DNA result is analyzed at the highest-accredited laboratories. 

The CLIA and CAP programs regulate laboratories and ensure that accurate and reliable test results are produced. DNA labs that are certified in both are among the best of the best globally.

CLIA certificate is issued by the US government to ensure that labs meet a high quality standard for accuracy and reliability in DNA test results. 

CAP is the highest standard in the industry, and only issued to labs that have demonstrated years of strong track record in meeting the highest quality standard. The leading hospital in HK, Queen Mary Hospital, also adheres to this.

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