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Our genes tell us who we are

DNA Diversity is a leader in personalized health and wellness solutions. We are here to help you unleash your full potential and write a better story.


We turn plain genetic insights into customized products that best respond to your body type and improve your well-being. Expect nothing less than a better you.

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Diversity comes from the very root of who we are - our DNA

@dnadiversity, we exist to champion our diversity 


You are taking the same high quality tests used by even Olympic medalists

Our tests are backed by renowned researches and professors from top medical schools such as Harvard, UCLA and Johns Hopkins

How is DNA Diversity Unique?

DNA Diversity exists to solve a problem faced by all consumers - most of us are unfamiliar with genetic tests and do not have the professional knowledge to assess their quality. Most genetic test companies have an inherited bias of their own products, and would not be objective and transparent in assessing their quality.

DNA Diversity is an independent and unbiased platform. Our approach is distinct from other companies, which sell their own genetic products. We carefully study, screen and partner with only the world's best DNA labs to provide you with only high-quality genetic tests.



We shortlist the best tests around the world and advise you on which test fits your needs best. But ultimately you can decide which tests to buy.



Being trusted by the medical community and well-known medical institutions is a testament of our tests' high credibility.


Highest Laboratory Accreditations

We select only DNA labs with the highest accreditations (CLIA and CAP  double accreditations) to analyze your genetic results. Never compromise.

Why Quality Matters?

View genetic test as a lifetime investment

Your genes are with you and influence you your whole life, invest a bit more






Genetic test is a lifetime investment

Your genetics is with you and influence you your whole life

Get In Touch

Quality, Accurate, Credible

We partner with the world’s leading DNA labs and offer only clinical-grade genetic tests to you. DNA test is an investment for a lifetime; we are the gatekeeper for you.


Insights from your genetic tests results are great. But it is only half the solution until you can apply such insights in your life. That is why we provide gene-personalized nutritional supplement and face serum to make a visible impact in your life, day in, day out.

Our consultation is unbiased and objective because we do not own any product and thus have no obligation to sell certain products. As an independent advisor, we only focus on helping you select the tests that best meet your needs. 

We provide the broadest range of DNA tests that cover most health and wellness topics that you have in mind. From skincare to fitness, and from nutrition to critical illness prevention.

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