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Our Genes Tell Us Who We Are

DNA Diversity helps you unleash your full potential and write a better life story. 


By bringing the best DNA labs and health products together, we turn your genetic insights into personalized products that best respond to your body type and achieve the most effective results.

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You are taking the same high quality tests used by even Olympic athletes

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Our tests are backed by renowned researches and professors from top medical schools such as Harvard, UCLA and Johns Hopkins

What makes DNA Diversity different?

Most of us are unfamiliar with genetic tests and do not have the professional knowledge to assess and compare the accuracy and scientific legitimacy of different DNA products. 

DNA Diversity exists to solve just such problem. We are an independent and unbiased platform, where we review and choose to partner with only the best and most credible DNA labs. Our approach is distinct from typical genetic test companies as they run their own labs and have an inherited bias in selling their own genetic products.

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We help you shortlist the best tests around the world. You decide which one to buy.

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Our tests are of such high credibility that they are also used by well-known medical institutions.


Highest Laboratory Accreditations

We only partner with DNA labs with the highest accreditations (CLIA, CAP). Never compromise.

Do you know why quality matters so much?


Genetic test is a lifetime investment

Your genes are with you and influence you your whole life; it's worth investing a bit more in an accurate test

The quality and accuracy of available genetic tests in the market vary greatly

Genetic analysis is complex - the team, lab, research and biochips used all affect its accuracy

Flawed advice does more harm than good

Accurate findings guide you to a healthier and more fulfilling life, but flawed advice points you in the exact opposite direction

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