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I'm a Mom.
And this is my story...
- Jessica Yeung
I'm a Mom.
And this is my story...
- Jessica Yeung

From the days I was pregnant, I learned first-hand how important nutrition is for both myself and my kid. And I'd love to see my kid growing up healthy and happy, which is why I keep meals healthy in the family.


Yet eating healthy isn't necessarily eating nutritious. Nutrition is as much about quality intake as it is about understanding what my kid lacks and needs. But I reckon on this I'm no expert and this is where a genetic test can help. 

healthy    nutritious...
We are fit, we eat healthy. But only until recently I was told that 
We are fit, we eat healthy.
But only until recently I was told that
- Johnny Yee & Natalie Choi

The common belief goes that a good diet equals more greens, less meat. It is however only half the truth.

A good diet actually emphasizes a balanced intake of nutrients - carbs, protein, healthy fat and a range of required vitamins and minerals. Greens is important but not everything.

Yet this is challenging for us living the modern life, as we usually stick to our favourite food or restaurants.

healthy      nutritious...

We Use the Most Qualified DNA Labs.

CLIA and CAP Double-Certified.

The Highest US and Global Standard. 

Your DNA result is analyzed at the highest-accredited laboratories. 

CLIA is issued by the US government to certify the accuracy and reliability of test results. 

CAP is only issued to labs that meet the highest quality standard; they are the best of the best. For example, Queen Mary Hospital's lab, as a world-renowned medical facility in HK, also adheres to CAP.


Ever Wonder

How Your Genes Compare with the Best in Asia?

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